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About the Founder


My name is Reena Ramani, and I am a seventeen-year-old high school student at Vestavia Hills High School. Growing up in an immigrant household, my grandmother told me stories of the hardships she endured to maintain proper menstrual care in a country where menstruation was taboo and uneasy to find resources. Yet, I had never personally connected to her story because I assumed these problems belonged to people who grew up in a different time. It never occurred to me that women worldwide still struggle with finding necessities for menstrual care in the 21st century. After working with women from rural Zambia to provide them with reusable cloth masks for traditional birth attendants, I heard about adolescent girls' struggles with period poverty in nearby villages.

Girls in rural countries can already ill-afford to receive equal access to education as men in their regions do. But when they have the opportunity to attend school, the lack of resources for menstruation care prevents them from attending school 5-7 days a month. Losing these important days of productivity due to a naturally-occurring cycle causes many girls to fall behind in their education. This project was initiated by my desire to fight period poverty in regions of the world so that girls like me can achieve their goals and aspirations without letting an inherent part of being a woman get in their way.

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We believe all girls can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To distribute zero waste, environmentally friendly, low-cost cloth pads to rural and underserved areas in countries throughout the world and empower school girls to take control over menstrual hygiene and health.

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Our Vision

To promote menstrual health among school girls in low-resource settings.

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