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Project M.E. Ambassador Program

Want to create change with us?

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Position Description

Project Menstrual Equity is creating an Ambassadors Program (VESTAVIA STUDENTS ONLY)! These Ambassadors will be representatives for the international nonprofit initiative. Project ambassadors will have the unique opportunity to facilitate the international outreach project as well as bring awareness to menstrual health in local communities around Birmingham. Although this program does not give out service hours, this is a unique leadership opportunity to create great change for women around the world. If you are interested in making a difference in women’s lives and can lead with dedication, this is the position for you!

Some Ambassador Program Objectives include:


  • Educating middle school kids around the city about menstrual health

  • Social Media management

  • Host community activities about menstruation

  • Advocating for expansion of state curriculum regarding feminine hygiene in schools 


  • Help attract publicity and support for our cause

  • Advocate for national media coverage 

  • Host local community events to raise funds for the international outreach program

  • Chance to be on the International Board of Trustees

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